Durham's Gift Shop, Stanford, Kentucky
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Your one-stop shop for unique, unusual and hard to find gifts.

What can you find in the gift shop?  House flags (all seasons, all holidays,  all year), wind chimes, wreaths, lighthouses, nautical items, roosters, apples, canister sets, pencils, a well stocked artificial “produce department”, enamel ware, dough bowls, angels, fairies, candles (soy based only!)

John Deere items and silk flowers and greenery, wicker furniture, ornamental concrete, red clay pots, toys, fountains, Kentucky souvenirs, license plates, baskets, tin signs, horses, picture frames, UK items, fairy garden items, seashells, mermaid items, beach art, cushions and throw pillows, Adirondack polywood furniture and cedar furniture.

You will also find a wide variety of Memorial statuary and plaques. The list goes on and on and on! 


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